Our Company

Our Company

With an office and warehouse located in Malabon City, Phil Conch was founded ten years to date with an objective in mind of making quality and affordable products for the end users of Upvc and 3rd Gen Aluminum windows and doors using German accessories. Phil Conch 999 Enterprises Company’s goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering them outstanding customer service, excellent and reasonably priced Upvc and 3rd Gen Aluminum.

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, Phil Conch customize Upvc & aluminum windows and doors according to customers’ preference. Reputation is of great importance to us. We are proud to say that young as we may seem in this business compared to our contemporary competitor our previous and present projects will speak for itself. We have a workforce of skilled technicians and experienced installers.

Top quality profiles, specially selected accessories and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Phil Conch Upvc & Aluminum products and services is the ideal choice to use for either commercial or residential houses.

Our uPVC & 3rd Gen Aluminum Profiles are custom made to fit your needs and lifestyles. Phil Conch products are the result of extensive research to provide you with state-of-the-art designs that fit a modern lifestyle without sacrificing comfort for you and your family. CONCH products are environmentally friendly as well as energy efficient so it saves you money by installing our uPVC products, either at home or in any business establishments. Over the recent years, uPVC has become one of the most used products in manufacturing windows and doors by the large double-glazing manufacturing companies. There are various cost effective reasons for this takeover by the humble uPVC (un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride to give it its proper title), and we can outline some of these reasons in this article.

  • uPVC windows give you very good insulation around its frame. This helps to keep cold out during the winter and conversely keep the house or establishment cooler in the hotter months of the year. This is very important if you are living in an area which is affected by such extremes. An obvious advantage to this, apart from your personal comfort, is the savings you can make out of your electric bills.
  • The excellent seals and aforementioned insulation present in uPVC windows means that dust particles and pollen are kept to a minimum in a building. At high pollen times, hay fever sufferers will be thankful for the extra protection that they receive from this reduction of external allergens entering the home or the office.
  • During the life span of these windows, very little maintenance is required. Of course, they will look better with the odd wipe or wash to the window frames, but there is no need for re-painting or weather-proofing.
  • Most uPVC windows have a very secure locking system, which gives a building more security than traditional types of window clasps. It is also very difficult to break through to a uPVC frame.
  • Cost is always a factor when installing such features, especially for windows and doors. uPVC is well up there in the cost efficiency area and this means that a lot of people will give a serious consideration in choosing uPVC for their windows or doors.
  • Sound proofing: uPVC windows and doors keep out a lot of unnecessary noise. This is why they are often preferred in locations where sound suppression is of a high priority. For example, if your home or office is close to a motorway or train track, uPvc windows and doors is advisable.


Wood Profile

Wood does not conduct cold or allow condensation as much as other materials do. However, wood is subject to shrinkage and swelling, so, it will warp and rot over time - especially the exterior.

First Generation Aluminum Profile

Aluminum windows are more durable than bare wood and are also thinner, lighter, and easier to handle. But, they are not insulated with a thermal break thereby creating heat loss, cold intrusion, and condensation. Aluminum is also a metal that is vulnerable to corrosion and will deteriorate over time. Once scratched or dented, aluminum cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. The corners of all aluminum doors and windows are mechanically joined which makes them vulnerable to loss of form.

CONCH PROFILE windows are made from rigid, high impact-resistant unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). The extrusion has a multi-chamber system that makes them resistant to heat loss and condensation. uPVC windows do not have a tendency to distort when exposed to extremes of heat and cold so they remain easy to operate. The steel core ensures that they keep its form and stability. uPVC corners are not mechanically joined but are welded together making the window or door into one complete unit.

List Of Machines

  • DECA Integrated Double MITRE Saw CNC 500x4200
  • DECA Three headed Welding Machine
  • DECA Four headed Welding Machine
  • DECA Special Welding Machine for High grade Colored Window and Doors
  • DECA Double MITRE Saw 350x3500
  • DECA V Cutting Saw
  • DECA Lock Hole Milling Machine
  • DECA Automatic Slot Milling Machine
  • DECA Corner Cleaning Machine